Real-time control, wherever you are.
Identity Checkpoint is a patented identity management service that empowers you to grant real-time authorization before any changes can be made to your accounts or assets, rather than simply alerting you of changes after it's too late. With identity theft being an immense criminal industry targeting individuals from every demographic, having a service that gives you complete control, keeping your credit and assets protected and secure, is absolutely vital. Identity Checkpoint and the accompanying Sentry application provide comfort and peace of mind in a time where a moment of inattention can be devastating to your identity.
Manage your funds and assets while on the go or from the comfort of your office using Identity Checkpoint's mobile and PC application, Sentry.
Identity Checkpoint's interactive authorization service connects with you for confirmation before changes can be made to or transactions executed against your accounts, giving you complete control over your assets.
With identity theft being responsible for the loss of over two hundred billion dollars annually, Identity Checkpoint helps you keep your money right where it belongs.


In a time of numerous breaches, i.e. Facebook and NSA, it is time to prevent unauthorized access because of stolen requestOriginatorIDs and Passwords.

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